Finding Your Motivation

The world of fitness and endurance is an interesting one. A plethora of Instagram images of people’s beautiful, delicious food or a motivational quote letting me know that I can get through the day, it can all feel a little overwhelming.

The key is finding out what works for you. What do you want to achieve? What do you enjoy? Everyone is different and that’s great. I often get asked why I sign myself up for endurance races such as an Ironman as though they’re hoping for my response to be, “to find inner peace and a deeper connection to my soul” or to “find my spirit animal”, “my true purpose in life” etc. Whilst that may inspire others and get them through a workout or challenge, it just doesn’t resonate with me and that’s ok.

I’m simply interested in the body’s physical limits and how to push them further. How far can I stretch myself? What am I truly capable of? The fact that I’m a “stubborn Capricorn” is not the reason I find myself out at the weekend on my road bike, 30miles in, drenched with rain and covered in mud with no signs of quitting. My one day off from teaching at Psycle London and me and Pedro (my bike) are out for a spin. I’m not crazy, I’m not obsessed, I’m just dedicated to my body and goals.

And that’s the key right, that’s the big secret to motivation. Find something you’re passionate about, that makes you feel better, stronger, happier than when you started and soon you’ll stop making excuses for not going for that run or workout. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your next session no matter how cold, early or dark it is.

So this year I am embarking on a few adventures that are going to test me to my very core. They’re going to test my mental and physical strength, my passion, dedication and my undeniable desire to be the best I can be. I’m going to be blogging my process and hoping to inspire those of you out there who say ‘oh, I couldn’t possibly do that’ and put yourself down before you’ve given yourself the opportunity to stand up.

As I’ve said before, I turned up to my first Ironman ‘athlete briefing’ in Barcelona sitting amongst an army of triathletes in their Rapha sports gear dressed in my Zara playsuit and top shop sunglasses. Yes I was intimidated and scared at first and I suddenly thought ‘What have I done?’ but when the moment came, I got my head in the game, pushed my body as hard as it would go and I crossed that finish line amongst them. It’s all mind over matter.

The fact is, you can do anything you want to do, you just have to be willing to work for it. Yes, I’m all for some #mondaymotivation on social media but to achieve that goal you need to put the phone down and go get your sweat on. Do what ever ignites a fire in your stomach and puts a smile on your face. So here’s to goals so big that they scare you a lot but excite you even more. Goals so big that you have to grow in order to achieve them! What are yours? Here are mine:

June 2017: European Triathlon Championships. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile Bike, 13.1 mile run

I’ll be representing Team GB for my age group for this one so no pressure!

July 2017: City to Summit. 13.1 mile run, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run over Ben Nevis.

I may have signed up for this one partly to impress my boyfriend. We’d only been together 2 weeks by that point so thank God that worked out!

Nov. 2017. Everest Base Camp. 17.600ft elevation.

One off the bucket list.

Throughout the year I’ll be using these events to raise money for Alzheimers Research UK, a charity very close to my heart.

My hope is to show you all that anything is possible. You don’t need to a pro athlete, you don’t need to be a super hero. Just you, you are enough.

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